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    Quality End of Lease Cleaning Service in Geelong

    Cheapest End of Tenancy Cleaning in Geelong With 7 Days Bond Back Guarantee

    We are the top leading end of lease cleaning provider in Geelong and connecting suburbs. Moving is very tiresome and hectic work. We can help you in cleaning your property whether it is an apartment, house or townhouse. We have highly professional cleaners which can do full cleaning from vacuuming to steam cleaning. We also provide other services like lawn mowing or minor handyman jobs which helps you to get your full bond back.

    We have a full track record for all types of cleaning and many real estates refer us for move out cleaning as we follow their cleaning checklist. We know what real estate agencies expect for the end of tenancy cleaning and our cleaners work to fulfill the expectations. In any case, if real estate finds something is not done it’s our responsibility to come back and fix the job. So, clients don’t need to pay again and again to get their bond back.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    end of lease cleaning geelong


    In case you don’t get time for house cleaning solutions, or simply don’t want to fix it, we certainly have the option to suit your needs. We from Geelong end of lease cleaning perform the perfect services of home and buildings cleanup.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    If you would like to get your bond back however are extremely occupied or as well fatigued to perform a vacate cleaning on your own, contact right now our staff of professionals and allow the hard work for all of us. You can be amazed.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    If you are searching for an excellent high-quality carpet cleaning solutions under an extremely inexpensive price, then End Of Lease Cleaning Geelong is your perfect company. We are preferable in the marketplace.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    No matter the kind of fabric material that your upholstery, recliner chair, dining seats is manufactured from, End Of Lease Cleaning Geelong can easily help you when it’s period to thoroughly clean all of them.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    Our Specialist Oven Cleaners are right here to bring back your cooking home appliances back to their preferable. Oven cleaning can be extremely tiring and lengthy. It may not only need lots of time and effort but additionally dedicated tools.

    end of lease cleaning geelong


    Our business is much more than effective at managing your dirt and dust, debris, and also waste in an effective and expert way. We’ve already been carrying this out for over a decade. Have confidence in the voice of expertise!

    House Cleaning Solution At Affordable Price!

    Allow us to thoroughly clean your leased home with excellence . Give us a phone call and obtain your estimate for vacate cleaning today.


    If you have hired any company for cleaning then checkout why you need to hire us.

    • Professional & Quality Cleaning – Cleaners are professional and experienced which leave the property spotless
    • Upfront Quote – We are transparent with our clients and give quotations online and finalise the quotation after reaching the property.
    • Easy Done Procedure –Our booking procedure is so simple. Just fill the form on the website or call us for a free quotation. You will get the quotation straight away.
    • Efficient Service – We have not only experienced cleaners, but also best machine in the market to clean the house like 1600 PSI carpet cleaner which is efficient to clean any carpet.
    • Diligent Customer Support – 7 days customer support which helps clients and clear all questions.
    • Eco-friendly Cleaning – After many years of cleaning we found the best eco-friendly ways to do cleaning and we use eco-friendly products which are safe for everyone.
    • Proven Methods – We follow REIV checklist to clean the house which makes life easy for tenants, owners and real estate agents.
    • Fully insured – We are fully insured and have 10 million Public Liability insurance
    end of lease cleaning geelong

    Hire The Best Bond House Cleaner in Geelong

    Moving is a tiresome and hectic task, especially when you have to do end of tenancy cleaning. Many people only lost their Bond because their cleaning is not up to standards. We use the best methods and follow the full checklist for end of lease cleaning. We not only have experienced cleaners , but also best machines in the market to do an end of lease cleaning. We do full end of lease cleaning and if it is required to do lawn mowing we do that as well to make your life easy. All our cleaners get training before they do any job. Only when they pass the online exercise then they start doing any job. Untrained cleaners may damage the property. After online training cleaners work under experienced cleaners. We also check the work randomly and inspect any site personally. Moreover, we use eco safe products which are good for everyone.

    We do all kinds of properties whether it is an office, apartment, house or townhouse. Our technology-driven process to end of lease cleaning helps to make your property spotless. So, you don’t need to worry about cleaning. Just concentrate on moving and leave the cleaning or any lawn mowing tasks for us. We know what we are doing and assure you will not be disappointed. If you hire us once, we would be your cleaning company for the rest of your life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to hire a bond back cleaner in Geelong?
    The cost of end of lease cleaning depends on the size and condition of the property. For a single-bedroom and one-bathroom house, the average price is $250 including all the things inside the estate cleaned fully. Check out our pricing for further details or call us.

    How I can book an end of lease cleaning services?
    Booking your cleaning service is very straightforward with our effective and time-saving method. You can either ask for the estimate online by our website form or call us directly on 03 5292 1429 to arrange your vacate cleaners in Melbourne.

    How much time will it take to finish vacate cleaning?
    Cleaning time will depend on the area of your residence/flat and the status of the property. Usually, a one-bedroom condo can take up to three hours.

    Will any extra charge occur during the cleaning?
    As there is diversity in each residence, it based on the condition of your premises. Keep in mind, we will provide you with an accurate quote after an examination on the day before beginning cleaning. Since you have accepted the amount then we do not charge you further.

    What if cleaning is not up to the landlord or property agent standard?
    If there is anything we have ignored or not up to the owner standard, please inform us and we will get back to you and correct it ASAP (usually within 48 hours). So please don’t emphasise over the concerns of your deposit, let our experts take care of it. That’s our Guarantee.

    What do I have to arrange before the cleaners arrive?
    Please make sure that all thing excluded from the premises before the cleaning period unless it is furnished estate.


    Full Step by Step process to do end of lease cleaning

    • Clients contact us through website form or by calling on our phone number.
    • We give online free quotation after client provide all the information about the property.
    • Then the client book us on preferred date and time.
    • When following-up one day before the job and if it’s all good we send the cleaners.
    • Cleaners thoroughly inspect the property and ensure that everything has to be done according to the REIV requirements. They explained the whole requirements to the clients. This is just to make their Bond Back procedure easy and simple.
    • After that cleaners do the end of lease cleaning according to the requirements. Kitchen, bathroom, rooms and carpet steam cleaning are the main parts of cleaning.
    • Once cleaners finish the cleaning, clients can inspect the property and if they find anything is not done then the cleaner can fix it straight away.
    • Once the clients are satisfied, then they can pay through different paying methods like cash, bank transfer and the like.
    • If in any case, which may happen in 1% of the cases that real estate finds something is not done, then we can send the cleaners again to fix the leftovers. This is only valid for 72 hours. Clients have to let us know in 72 hours if there is any issue.
    Vacate Cleaning Solution At Affordable Price!

    Allow us to thoroughly clean your leased home with excellence . Give us a phone call and obtain your estimate for vacate cleaning today.

    Why Is A Pro End Of Lease Cleaning Worthwhile?

    We are not only experienced in tenancy cleaning, our prices are also most affordable for bond cleaning. Moving from one property to another is expensive and on top of that cleaning companies charge a lot of money for cleaning. We provide an affordable cleaning service which helps to ease the burden on our clients. From the last many years we have developed technology enabled methods to complete the end of lease cleaning tasks quickly. Because we have a process to do cleaning we can do it quickly and that’s why we also provide the best quotation in the market. Apart from that, we make the whole process so simple and easy from booking to hand over the keys after we finish which everyone likes. Real Estate agents don’t need to ask cleaners to clean the property again and again and do multiple inspections.

    Clients do not need to go to too many emails with the real estate as we do a spotless cleaning. And also, property owners don’t need to worry about the condition of their property. So, if you hire us it will save a lot of time for everyone (real estate agents, Property owners and clients). Now, we are going to share a whole procedure for vacate cleaning.

    How We Do Vacate Cleaning

    First of all, the client has to make sure that the property has electricity and hot water in the property. Also, there should be a parking space in the property. If there is no parking space then clients need to arrange the parking slot for cleaners. After parking the van in a safe slot, cleaners start taking all the cleaning equipment and products from the van to the property. They put all their things in one place.

    • First of all dusting is done everywhere whether it is walls, fans, windows, flyscreen, skirting and the like. Then dust settles down all over the whole property.
    • Cleaners do vacuum everywhere in the house like cupboards, windows railing, floors. In garage cleaners use a blower which is the easiest way to clean the garage which saves a lot of time. We use a powerful engine blower which makes our job easy. Alos, we use commercial vacuums to clean the whole house quickly.
    • After Proper vacuuming, the next step is to clean the windows cleaning from inside. In the end of the lease cleaning windows from outside is not required but if client want then we can do it for extra.
    • Then cleaners do the kitchen cleaning. They start from top to bottom. All the hard marks in the kitchen cupboard are removed and then after that spray and wipe with the eco-friendly chemicals. Oven cleaning is the tightest part in the end of lease cleaning. Cleaners make sure that they clean the oven property. Then they do the rangehood and stove. We need hot water to remove oil from the stove and rangehood. If there is no hot water then it makes our process difficult and in that case sometimes we have to increase the cleaning price. Dishwasher, sink, taps and splashback is done thoroughly. We do dishwasher from outside only. Then we vammum the kitchen floor. That is, the kitchen is ready for mopping.
    • Bathrooms are also hard to clean if they are dirty. But as we have commercial equipment to do the cleaning it makes our work easy. We use a machine to clean the shower. We use the same powerful machine to do carpet steam cleaning and tiles cleaning in the bathroom. We also do Shower screen property. Then a bathtub, toilet, mirrors, taps, cupboards and all. In the end we use the same machine to quickly vacuum the wet floor.
    • Then cleaners check all the walls and if there is any mark they remove it. Some marks are so deep and not possible to clean. Sometimes, clients have to paint it if real estate asks them.
    • While they do the walls, they also clean all the doors and switch boards and doors. It saves time walking all around the house again.
    • Then they clean all the lights, fans and other stuff. If the property has furniture then it would be extra to do furniture cleaning.
    • Then in the end carpet steam cleaning is done with the commercial steam cleaning machine. Moping is done after that.
    • Then cleaners load all the equipment and products in the van and take the van outside. Before they finish the cleaning, they call the client one hour before so that the client can come on the job site to inspect the property.
    • Then clients inspect the property and if due to any human error cleaners leave anything then they can fix it at the same time. Once the client is happy, he can pay through a number of ways.

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    Experienced & Dedicated Staff

    Our highly qualified & devoted cleaners understand how to tidy up the dirty areas with comfort.

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

    We adhere to follow the eco cleaning procedure using eco-friendly cleaning products.

    Fast & Effective Solution

    We believe in giving quick and efficient services to our clients to satisfy their particular requirements.

    Checklist – End of Lease Cleaning Geelong

    Our vacate cleaning service aims to clean the house to satisfy the realestate Agent (according to Residential Tenancies & Rooming Act 2008)

    Our Bond back Guarantee only covers those areas you have chosen in our services (T’s & C’s Apply) .

    End of lease cleaning includes various things. So please make sure that you hire us for all. Sometimes clients do few things by themselves. But they cannot do it professionally and face problems in bond return.

    • Vacate Clean (Deep and detailed clean of the property)
    • Carpet steam Cleaning (Stain removal is not part of our service)
    • Client can also hire us for upholstery and rug cleaning before they are moving to a new property.

    Our quoting process covers these items individually, please make sure you have checked your quote for your inclusions.

    Bond Clean And Carpet Clean

    End of lease Cleaning Geelong uses the best process to clean the house and we know the expectations of real estate agents. We use best and eco friendly products to clean the property

    Vacate Cleaning Checklist

    We included the following

    • Dusting Remove cobwebs , insect marks and the like
    • Clean Air Conditioners and fans
    • Lights cleaning if its reachable with 2 step ladder
    • Cleaning of the walls marks, Switch boards and door handles
    • Clean skirting, doors and architraves
    • Clean cupboards including inside and outside, doors, cupboard and shelving
    • Windows clean inside (outside for extra)
    • Vacuum everywhere including sliding door tracks
    • Clean standard blinds, rails and cords (Extra price).
    • Vacuum carpet and floor
    • Professional Mopping the whole house
    • Clean the exhaust fans
    • Clean all the cupboards from inside and outside
    • Clean toilet top and behind and sanitize the bowl
    • Clean the shower screen and sop residue from tiles with the help of machine
    • Deep clean the sink and all the taps
    • Clean windows and mirrors and also windows tracks
    • Remove cobwebs and floor Sweeping
    • Clean stove top (including inside and outside), rings, elements and knobs.
    • Clean all the cupboards( inside and outside) , draws and doors.
    • Clean oven ( inside and outside)racks, griller, trays, glass doors and knobs.
    • Clean refrigerator inside and outside(Extra carges)
    • Clean Range hood exhaust and also filter are cleaned with hot water to remove all the oil in it.
    • Clean the Splashback in the kitchen
    • Clean Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
    • Clean inside, outside and behind dryer*. Remove lint. (If applicable)
    • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tap ware.
    • Clean behind washing machine* space. Clean equipment and filters (if applicable).
    • Clean all walls, windows, window tracks and floors
    • Remove cob webs. Sweep and mop floors
    In addition to the above items a furnished property bond clean also constitutes;

    (a furnished property is quoted differently given the time required)

    • Cleaning & Dusting and clean over surfaces of a household furniture
    • Kitchen cabinets will be wiped if each item is taken off and put in front of the cabinet. WE HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY for any kind of harm or damages of closet things

    NOTE: Normal blinds are blinds with a covering which can be wiped or rinsed without needing a professional and or additional time. Such as, material shades or drapes would need a Blind Expert. Roller and Venetian blinds will be priced individually according to the number of shades or blinds in the premises. Furnished assets will need a distinct estimate.

    *Cleansing back/about these things or whatever large thing (as per our T&C) over Five Kilo has to be shifted by the customer (also placed back again if applicable) for our home cleaners to get access and tidy.

    Additional Services (will be distinctly priced)
    The subsequent services are priced individually and will seem on your quotation as a distinct thing.

    NOTE: If these services are not placed on your quotation they are not covered.

    This list is not defined. We possess only listed the more general services, other specialized services are available like home maintenance, painters etc.

    • Rug Cleaning
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Swimming Pool Maintenance
    • Lawn & Garden Maintenance
    • Furnished attributes
    • Pest Control Services
    • Rubbish Removal
    • Upholstery Cleansing
    • Pressure Washing

    Bond Back Cleaning Exceptions of End Of Lease Cleaning Geelong


    Certain details are not included in our cleaning Services
    • Our cleaners do their best to eliminate mildew from regions though mould can be embedded into the grout, silicon, and other parts. These regions need an expert to return to a regular condition.
    Whole Wall Cleaning
    • We wipe the walls for bug marks etc .. Nevertheless, a complete wall clean wants more time and usually doesn’t have various outcomes.
    Tile And Grout Stains
    • We give our best to eliminate spots however because of the layout of the tiles or benchtops (some being notably pory) it is not feasible to eliminate blemishes without expert interference.
    Hazardous Spots
    • Any spots recognised by our experts as risky for them to work, this involves cracked electric switches, trash, bio-waste or whatever other risks than can be considered unsafe.
    • We do not tidy Garage floorings or walls
    Further Things
    • Objects such as refrigerators, fittings or any details not mentioned will not be wiped unless both parties have written agreement.
    Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)
    • Our cleaner does not clean all kitchen things which conquer cabinets and draws.
    Wet Places
    • Moist points can occur anyplace in the residence, usually, the ‘drywall’ coat can be damaged. We do our best to exclude any mildew and stain from Wet spots though we cannot thoroughly make these flaws vanish. These types of marks can return promptly because of excess dampness.
    • We give our best to wipe all things with our practical knowledge but blemish occurs with the deterioration of the property. Usually, tile or grout, bathrooms and plastics things can fade (regularly into a yellowish shade) with time and they can’t be restored to their primary colour without expert interference.
    • Our company does not tidy roofs or ceilings.
    • Our cleaners do not operate at elevations. Any sanitation which demands a ladder will not be carried out. For example, on the second-floor window.
    Professional Services
    • Places which demand specialised cleaning supplies, particular chemicals or a qualified specialist. Such as Pressure Cleaning (grease on the garage surface), painters (very faulty walls).
    Furnished (If Applicable)
    • Our cleaner will not wipe inside closets if objects are not excluded.
    Furnished Assets Eliminations
    • We do not tidy photo frames, vessels, lights, clocks, fruit containers, sheeting and anything that may be embellishing.

    Money-Back Guarantee (T’s & C’s Apply) Exception with End Of Lease Cleaning Geelong

    As well as the Vacate Cleaning Exception, other exceptions exist that we can’t assure beneath the Money Back Guarantee (T’s & C’s Apply) at End Of Lease Cleaning Geelong.
    Outside Home Windows
    • We clean the external windows wherever we can (excluding challenging access or heights) however due to climate conditions we cannot assure them.
    External Areas
    • External zones are places which cannot be thoroughly guarded against climate factors. For example house balconies and courtyards, or any other part which cannot be fully sealed off like an outer region of a residence with simply three walls. According to our formations, we will tidy any outer zone as expected however due to climate conditions we cannot assure them.
    • Our staff does not assure any sanitation interior or exterior of the garage.
    Outside Glass
    • We will wipe glass outside wherever we can (excluding challenging access or heights) however due to climate conditions we cannot assure them.
    Post-Pest Treatment Services
    • We won’t be liable and don’t assure things post pest control which may need extra cleaning undeviatingly linked to the Pest Control. Examples are dead insects or animals that have accumulated due to Pest treatment being practised to the premises.
    • A finished result is an event which must occur after the vacate clean and within the warranty duration which may impact the Property Agents release of the deposit in which the vacate cleaner is not accountable for. Our cleaner won’t be liable nor guarantee sanitation in such a result. To manage these results ‘common judgment shall command’. For Example:


    • A development of dead pests which were active during the tidy and have since died.
    • A development of covering dust which has been placed after the cleaning process.
    • Dust or filth near a glass window or entrance that has been left exposed.
    • Pest/pet wastes.
    • New tenants have left or are moving in.
    • Access to the premises by a third-party agent which has not been authorised by us.
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