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end of lease cleaning geelong
When you are on your way to exit the clean rented property, keep in mind it is quite distinctive of the regular cleaning you perform. It is a bit challenging and requires professional expertise. When tenants try to do it on their own, it is quite challenging, takes a lot of time, and energy and is going to completely exhaust them. Also, you have to ensure that proper standards of cleanliness are maintained, otherwise, there are chances that the landlord may deny you the bond money back. Once the tenancy contract is near towards coming and end, you need to make sure that all the terms and conditions of the agreement are met. Take note of all the areas that require special attention during the end of lease cleaning. Just simply adhere to your to-do list.

Here is a checklist of all the essential areas that you are required to pay special attention to during the bond back cleaning:

Windows, doors & walls

Such areas are frequently touched and are also easily seen. Make sure that cleaning of these areas is included in the checklist of the bond cleaning Geelong service. If such areas are not cleaned properly, then there is a tendency that the landlord and property manager may deny the bond money. Ensure that the end of lease cleaners wipe off all the dust and dirt from the Windows doors and walls and sanitize it appropriately. Apart from that, cleaning of the blinds is also required to be done as a lot of dirt accumulated on it.

Kitchen corners

The end of lease cleaning of the kitchen is slightly different from the way you clean it on regular basis. Your tenancy agreement deposit is completely put at the stake. Thus, you have to make sure that the end of lease cleaning Geelong addresses all the areas like corners, along with the gaps that are existing between cupboard hinges as well as the sink. This task is quite time-consuming and special expertise. There has to be a cleaning of the kitchen countertops. All the stains and marks of the oil particles, food particles, and spices are required to be cleaned by using a damp cloth.


One of the most important regions that require special attention while performing the bond back clean. This is due to the reason that it is one of the most spoiled areas and requires extensive cleaning. A few of the main regions to focus on in the bathroom include the tiles, shower, toilet seat, washbasin, and vents of the exhaust fan. Even the bathroom floor is comprised of stains and there can be grouts on the tiles. So when you hire bond back cleaners, make sure they clean all the surfaces thoroughly by using premium-grade solutions and equipment.

Backyard area

This is also one of the foremost areas that require specialized attention whenever you hire the house cleaning Geelong service. All the furniture present in it is to be cleaned thoroughly. Also, make sure that the mowing of the lawn, trimming of all plants, removal of trash, and washing of the deck are done properly. All such areas will be inspected minutely by the landlord and the real estate manager. So, before calling them for the final inspection, make sure all the odours have been removed. Any such traces can have a detrimental impact on your final inspection procedure.

Areas between carpet

Since the majority of the houses have carpets laid on the floors, and thus, there will be an enormous amount of dust and debris will be accumulated on them. Even when the carpet is vacuum cleaned regularly, then also some regions are left in between the rugs which is having dirt, and dust sticking and may get noticed at times. There can also be the problem of stains as well as discolouration. While performing the exit cleanly, it is very important to handle all these areas. This is because many of the tenants are losing money as they sometimes forget to address these areas. The tenant should not hesitate at all to take professional help for the cleaning of all the stains, accumulated dust, and debris in between the spaces of the rugs.


Owing to the relevance of end of lease cleaning, it is best to hire professional bond back cleaners. This is vital because it is going to decide whether you are going to get your bond deposits back or not. It is distinctive from the cleaning you do on a day-to-day basis. So, you should not leave this particular cleaning task towards the end, instead of being pre-prepared and hiring the end of lease cleaning Geelong company for making the entire task fruitful for you.


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